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Programs for Ages 2 to 4

Programs for Ages 2 to 4

Dance with Me

Do you have a 2 year old who’s dancing all around the house? Are you ready to help guide your tot towards the wonderful world of dance? This class will introduce your tot to music, dance, and body awareness while sharing time with you!

Terrific 3’s

Our Terrific 3’s class features songs and dance moves sure to have your little one asking you when it’s time for dance class again! This class will introduce your preschooler to ballet moves, stage directions, and dance etiquette in a fun and age-appropriate way!

Fabulous 4’s

Your fabulous 4 yr old will be ready to take her first steps into our pre-ballet program with this class! She will begin to focus on ballet terminology, dance patterns and stretching exercises all the while dancing to music which will emphasize classical music timing.

Dance and Discover

Specialty Class (6 week sessions beginning in August, January, March)
Watch your 3-4 year old dance, twirl, march, and discover a love for dance while totally immersed in the world of stories, prince and princesses, and imagination! Each 6 week session brings a new theme to life while your child learns dance basics in a positive, supportive environment designed to increase her confidence!

Programs for Ages 5 to 8

Programs for Ages 5 to 8

30/30 Ballet/Tap Combo for ages 5-9

5 to 9 year olds will begin their journey into the beautiful and graceful world of ballet alongside the exciting rhythms of tap in a one hour combo class. Class is divided by age groups: 5 and 6 yr olds or 7-9 year olds.

30/30 Ballet/Tap Combo (2nd yr students)

6 to 9 year olds will continue their journey into the beautiful and graceful world of ballet alongside the exciting rhythms of tap in a one hour combo class.  Students must have 1 year of dance experience in ballet and tap for this class.

Hip Hop Basics (Ages 7+)

Basics is designed to teach you basic movements… sliding, gliding, simple freezes, isolations and proper warm ups. All movement taught will be age appropriate, and not suggestive in nature.

Classes for Ages 9 to 12

Classes for Ages 9 to 12

101 Ballet  and Tap/Jazz Combination Class

If your dancer is 9 to 11 years of age, this is the next level of training. The ballet class is a 45 minute class and the tap/jazz combination class is a 1 hour combination class. These 2 classes need to be taken together if your dancer plans to continue into the 102 jazz class next season.

102 level Classes: Ballet, Tap, and Jazz

Students ages 10+ will begin to take classes in the separate styles of dance. This is where our curriculum will begin to split into Recreational classes and Intensive Level classes.

Intermediate Hip Hop

Students with mastery of our basic hip hop curriculum will move into a more intermediate level class. Here they will hone their skills and learn basics to different styles of hip hop.

Ballet Levels A and B

Once students have made the commitment to take ballet in a more intensive level, they will be asked to join our 1.5 hour technique classes. Students in the lettered ballet classes are required to take a minimum of 2 ballet classes weekly.

Pre-Pointe Classes

Students in our intensive ballet program will be asked to join our pre-pointe class to begin to strengthen their feet and ankles, increase their feet flexibility, and work on core strength needed to dance en pointe.


1 hr class which is for the intensive student who has mastered Ballet level A. This class is the emotional extension of ballet with jazz stylings.

Tap A and B

Students who are ready for a more advanced level tap class after 102 level will join our rhythm tap classes to perfect their clarity, speed, and rhythm skills.

Classes for Ages 13+

Classes for Ages 13+

Ballet Levels B, C, and D

Our teens are well on their way to dancing en pointe, and continue to take a minimum of (2) 1.5 hr ballet technique classes weekly in addition to their pointe classes. Students will be moved once they are technically ready advance.


Students will only be placed en pointe when the instructor feels they are physically ready to do so. Students may be asked to have a doctor’s exam prior to being placed en pointe to ensure the student’s bones are ready for the rigors of pointework. Instructor has the right to remove students from pointe shoes if needed.

Classical Jazz A-D

Our letter-leveled jazz classes are reserved for our intensive level dancers taking 2 or more ballet classes a week. Classical jazz (or broadway jazz) is based heavily upon ballet basics, with competitive jazz moves to round out the curriculum.

Contemporary Jazz

Contemporary jazz class is designed to fuse lyrical stylings with modern moves and just enough “hits” to keep things fresh. Contemporary dance is currently sweeping the nation on competition stages and television.


For the intensive ballet dancer wishing to emote the lyrics of the music. This class is the fusion of ballet and jazz together, and dancers should take jazz class in conjunction with this class.

Hip Hop

Teens have the choice of taking Intermediate or Advanced level Hip Hop and continue the hard hitting moves which makes hip hop so popular. Our instructors will work to be sure your dancer finds the best fit class.

Tap C and D

These classes for dancers ready for the challenge of tap improv and advanced rhythm patterns and steps.

Adult Ballet

This class is designed to be a great workout alternative to dancers who would like a slower paced yet challenging workout! If you wish to continue stretching and improve your balance, this class is for you! We have performance and non-performance options available.

Adult Tap

If you’re ready to tap out the beat and put your tap shoes on for a fun and energizing class, this class is for you! Beginners and intermediates alike have a great time in this class, and it’s time you found out why!

Adult Street Jazz/Hip Hop

Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Try your hand at today’s hottest dance styles! Show them you’ve got what it takes to Pop/Lock/Glide and Freeze dance!

Contemporary Recreational Jazz

Jazz meets modern in this class designed for adults and teens alike! Stretch, emote, and enjoy jazz in this dance style that is sweeping the nation!


Grab a partner (or come as a single) and learn a new ballroom dance each month! Our certified ballroom instructor is also available for private lessons and wedding packages! Please call the studio to find out this month’s dance style!


Our certified Iyengar instructor will lead you through a series of flowing movements to help you not only create strength and flexibility, but leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day!