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Happy Parents and Dancers

“It’s amazing to watch your child grow and have confidence. They are like a second family. She has fun and always wants to come back.” – Stephanie Fischer

“I love that the AoD allows dancers past the age of 18 to continue growing in their craft and their love of dance. It definitely gives me something for me to look forward to at the end of a long work day.”  – B. Nightingale, adult student

Academy of Dance has the best teachers and families! My daughter has made so many memories and new friendships there since we moved to the Warner Robins area last summer. Thank you to all the amazing teachers that provide quality dance instruction in a positive and encouraging environment. We’re so glad we found AoD! Janet Maner 

“Our family has been dancing at Academy of Dance since 2004! Do you want to know what a dance studio is really like? Watch the dancers between classes!  Last week, nestled amidst the pile of water bottles, snacks, and book bags in the back room, dancers were helping one another with homework in every subject from math to science to French in every grade from third
through eleventh. The true heart of a studio shines through when you see how the dancers support one another, on and off of the Marley floors!” – Laura Hancock

“My daughter has been dancing at the Academy of Dance for 8 years now and the training she has received here has given her so much confidence as a dancer. She used to like to dance but now she LIVES to dance! Thanks Ms. Kim and all the rest of the staff at AOD for nurturing the love of dance!” – DeAyn Hunnicutt

“This studios commitment to teaching children (and adults) to dance in a safe, conservative, and tasteful manner are a breath of fresh air. With a world full of sex-selling tactics and flesh-ridden advertising as well as suggestive messages tempting young people away from right, this studio is a harbor of positivity and beneficial creativity. Thank you for being who you are!!!” – Andrew Theis

“Being a teen dancer at AOD was some of the most fun I ever had! Spending so much time in the studio on the weekdays was a really good way to use my time and have a creative outlet. Competing with my friends in a positive environment for several years pushed me to better myself as a dancer and a person. After graduating I still love to dance now in college thanks to AOD! I know I am always welcome back at Academy of Dance. We are family.” – Allie Hunnicut