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First Steps Program for Ages 2 to 4

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Watch your two-year-old blossom in their first dance class all the while providing the safety of your loving guidance. They will sing, dance, clap and march alongside you and their newfound friends... all the while gaining body awareness and skills to separate from you and dance independently. By the end of the school year, they will be ready to step into the three-year-old program all on their own!


Featuring joyful songs and dance moves sure to have your little one asking if today is dance day, this 45-minute class will introduce your preschooler to dance etiquette and pre-ballet moves in a delightful format! As your child is positively encouraged by their teacher, they will gain confidence for independent dance, partner dances, and group routines. They will also be able to perform in their first recital at the end of the year! Get ready for cuteness overload!


Your dancer will take their first steps into the pre-ballet program in this captivating 45-minute class. Enriched with classical music and movement, your child will creatively experience ballet in a totally engaging and energetic way! Friendships that last and caring instructors bring the world of ballet alive for your little one! Add the year-end show, and your child will sparkle with excitement.


Specialty Class (6 week sessions beginning in January, February, and April)

If you catch your 3-5 year old dancing to every good tune on the radio, but you didn't register for the school year in August, don't worry! This non-performance class is held each January, February and April. Each 6 week session has a different theme to encourage your child to learn to dance while engaging in creative learning! Imagine their giggles as they hop like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, or do a Mermaid stretch while under the sea! This is the first step towards our pre-ballet performance program and a lifelong love of dance.


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Pre-Primary Program for Ages 5 to 8

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Primary Program for Ages     9 to 12

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Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop

If your dancer is 9 to 11 years of age, this is the next level of training. The ballet and jazz classes are 45 minutes in length. Ballet is a prerequisite for jazz training since our classical jazz curriculum is based upon ballet moves and terminology. Tap is a 30 min class. Hip hop 1 combines clean beats and phrases of music with popping, locking, and breaking movements for an exciting 45 min class for beginners.


Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop

Students ages 10+ with primary 1 level experience will continue to take classes in their chosen styles. This is where our curriculum will begin to split into Recreational classes and Intensive Level classes. Children wishing to dance en pointe or lyrical one day will begin to take 2 ballet classes weekly at this level, moving into our Classical Dance track.


Ballet Levels A and B

Once students have made the commitment to take ballet in a more intensive level, they will be asked to join our 1.5 hour technique classes. Students in the lettered ballet classes are required to take a minimum of 2 ballet classes weekly. A level (Sapphires) dancers wear a Royal blue leo and B level (Rubies) dancers wear a Scarlet leotard.


Students in our intensive ballet program will be asked to join our pre-pointe class to begin to strengthen their feet and ankles, increase their feet flexibility, and work on core strength needed to dance en pointe. This class begins typically for level B students.


45 min class which is for the intensive student who has mastered Ballet level A. This class is the emotional extension of ballet with jazz stylings. Dancers take this class with a ballet and a jazz class.


Students who are ready for a more advanced level tap class after Primary level 2 will join our rhythm tap classes to perfect their clarity, speed, and rhythm skills. Students will be evaluated by our staff to determine which class levels they should attend.

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Secondary Program for Ages 13+

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Our teens are well on their way to dancing en pointe, and continue to take a minimum of (2) 1.5 hr ballet technique classes weekly in addition to their pointe classes. Students will be moved once they are technically ready advance. C level dancers wear Black leotards and D level dancers wear Eggplant colored leotards.


Students will only be placed en pointe when the instructor feels they are physically ready to do so. Students may be asked to have a doctor’s exam prior to being placed en pointe to ensure the student’s bones are ready for the rigors of pointework. Instructor has the right to remove students from pointe shoes if needed. Students in beginner pointe class will continue to take prepointe for feet strengthening in addition to beginner pointe.  All pointe dancers will take a minimum of 2 ballet technique classes weekly.


For the intensive ballet dancer wishing to emote the lyrics of the music. This class is the fusion of ballet and jazz together, and dancers take ballet and jazz classes with this class.


These classes for dancers ready for the challenge of tap improv and advanced rhythm patterns and steps. Students will be evaluated to find the perfect level for them to attend so they can confidently step onto the stage and amaze their audience.


Our letter-leveled jazz classes are reserved for dancers taking 1 or more ballet classes a week. Classical jazz (or broadway jazz) is based heavily upon ballet basics, with competitive jazz moves to round out the curriculum.


Contemporary jazz class is designed to fuse lyrical stylings with modern moves and just enough “hits” to keep things fresh. Contemporary dance is currently sweeping the nation on competition stages and television.


Ages 7+

Let your dancer work on the tricks they love to put into their dance routines.. and learn how to do them properly! The Acrobatics program focuses on safe and effective progressions of acrobatic dance movement from flexibility and strength to balancing, limbering and tumbling. Your dancer will be taught by a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor.

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Artistic Adults Program

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Get ready to have a good time and let your feet move to the beat! With all the music you loved to move to over the years and the comradery of your classmates, this class is sure to be the highlight of your week! If you're ready to ditch the working day blues, celebrate life, and get your cardio fix, this is the class you've been waiting for.


Designed for students with a working knowledge of basic ballet and jazz dance movements and terms, this class will stretch your improvisational skills! Contemporary doesn't fit any particular mold; it is defined by the artist's ability to innovate, express yourself, and bring out your authentic artistry. Add classmates who are there to encourage you, and you will come alive with true movement from the heart! Come create your masterpiece today!


Sound out the rhythms of the day with this class that challenges you to keep to the beat! The energy is palpable and the excitement never ceases.  Tapped as a child and want to try again? It's like stepping back onto a bike.. you may be a little rusty, but the sounds will come back to you in no time. Imagine the joy it will bring to tap to the beat with wild abandon!


Enjoy the stretches and gentler warm up that a ballet class provides before releasing the joy of turning across the floor or jumps to get your heart pumping during an hour and a half-long classical ballet class! Admit it! You always wanted that tutu and ballerina moment! You have your chance to get just that- and the opportunity to step onstage if your heart desires (or not- no pressure here)! Classes are available for beginner and intermediate level adult ballet dancers.

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Once Upon a Ballet is a children's dance curriculum rooted in early childhood development theory and teaches dance in a way that young children learn best. It teaches age-appropriate dance concepts and skills and is full of imagination and creativity. It is specifically designed to give your child a strong foundation in learning, movement, and dance.

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